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Hi, my name is Blake Bissaillion.

I decided to go ahead with this web site because of all the questions I get from people who want to start up a small business but don’t have a clue when it comes to writing a business plan. I get a lot of questions about starting a small business, marketing, financing, and business planning so I decided to build an information rich web site about business planning.

For the past 12 years, I’ve been employed as a business plan evaluator. That is, I analyse business plans on a daily basis to see if it meets investment criteria. In other words, is the business viable?

One of the ways I determine the viability is through the business plan. If the business plan is well written and shows viability, I’ll put my recommendation on it. If the plan is poor and it does not show viability, I’ll deny it. What I want to do with this web site is to provide you, the entrepreneur, with a guide that you can follow so you can prepare a professional, results based business plan.

I’ve seen hundreds of business plans, from multi million dollar operations to small mom and pop start ups. If there is one thing that I’ve noticed when I analyse business plans is that there is a lack of knowledge about the business planning process.

This is not the clients fault. Entrepreneurs are not business planning experts nor do they need to be. You see, entrepreneurs have the knowledge of their product or service. I simply want to provide first hand advice on what you need to do in order to prepare a professional business plan.

When an entrepreneur submits a business plan to a funding agency for review, the plan has to be complete. I know this for a fact. If the plan is incomplete, it will show an unviable operation and it will be denied. This goes for just about any funding agency you approach whether it be the Small Business Association or a commercial bank.

With that in mind, I decided to provide you with some information to help get your business idea on paper and in a proper business plan format. My goal is to help you clear away the confusion and try and help you put together a business plan that works.

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Thank you and all the best,

Blake Bissaillion