Company Description Example #2

Here’s another company description example using one of our fictitous companies called Floyd’s Technical Services.

Company Description

Floyd’s Technical Services is a new company that will provide customized training programs and technical documentation to tool companies, automotive companies and various other large industrial type companies within the Greater Detroit area. Specifically, the training programs will cover areas such as safety, maintenance and machine operator training.

Floyd’s Technical Services will be offering a variety of training programs and technical documentation to its technical clients:

Technical Documentation

•  Machine overview

•  Safety and lockout

•  Machine controls and operation

•  Lockout placards

•  Troubleshooting

•  Floyd’s Technical Services has developed a number of operator and maintenance manuals for various companies across North America

•  All manuals contain Auto Cad drawings, digital photographs, and maintenance charts

Training Programs

•  Customized equipment training

•  Safety and lockout training

•  Machine maintenance training

•  Leadership and management training

•  Company policy and best practices training

•  Computer and software training

Floyd’s Technical Services will operate as a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by my Floyd Duncani.

The companies head office will be located at:

45 Ellenson Drive
Box 7856
Tollesburg, Ontario
P4F 7D2
Tel.: (519) 698-4523

Floor plan size: 4100 sq. Ft $2,000/month $24,000/year = Combined lease /leasehold expenses. The office space is leased and will accommodate the necessary office equipment such as computers, fax machine, photo copier and other engineering equipment. There is a copy of the office lease in Appendix D.

Mr. Duncani will be responsible for all aspects of the training business. Through his education and work experience, Mr. Duncani has acquired the necessary technical skills to effectively manage and operate Floyd’s Technical Services. In the operation of the training business, there will not be a need to hire any staff. Floyd Duncani will hire qualified sub-contractors to assist with client demand. Mr. Duncani will oversee all work conducted by his sub-contractors to ensure quality control.

This example is short and sweet. It lets the reader know exactly the type of business this is and what they offer. Remember, a company description doesn’t have to be long, it just has to explain what the business is about.

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