How to Prepare a Business Letter Of Introduction



A business introduction letter introduces a person to a company or individual. The introduction letter is similar to a reference letter in that it describes the qualifications of the person to be introduced.

When you are writing an introduction letter, it is important to note that you specify each aspect of employment for the perspective employee. The format of an introduction letter is as follows:

Step 1

The first part of the letter states your purpose. Of course, you want to introduce the person or individual to the company.

Step 2

The second part of an introduction letter gives the details or background information of the first part.

If you are introducing a new person to the company, it is appropriate to state specific knowledge, skills, and abilities the person has that will benefit the reader.

Step 3

The last part of an introduction letter acts as a summary reminding the recipient of the general nature of the letter.

This part will conclude with a call to action such as “please join me in welcoming John Doe”.

Here is a sample business letter of introduction:

Thompson and Sons
857 Anytown, Ohio IL 21456
August 5, 2020

Tim Johnson
354 Tinsel Ave
Yourtown, Ohio IL 54125

Dear Mr. Johnson:

I would like to introduce John Phillips, who will be starting with our firm as of December 16, 2020. Mr. Phillips will be heading up our Technical Division for parts and distribution.

Mr. Johnson has worked in our technical offices during this year. He was given the assignment of technical parts and sales, which he handled extremely well demonstrating exceptional technical knowledge. Prior to Thompson and Sons, Mr. Phillips was employed at Barnard and Morgan’s as the manager of parts and distribution.

Mr. Phillips is a graduate of McGill University with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering followed by an MBA from Queens University.

Please take the time to welcome Mr. Phillips to our firm.


Rupert Thompson
President and CEO

Remember these easy steps to and you shouldn’t have a problem writing a professional sounding introduction letter.

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