Part 1: Developing a Business Plan – Details of the Business Costs

Details of the Business Costs

Land and Buildings

1. Location:



2. Approximate land size:



3. Building dimensions:



4. Age of the building:



5. Condition of the building:



6. Zoning:



7. Structure of the building:




8. Is the building designed for a special purpose, such as a gas station, or is it a general purpose building?



9. What type of utility services exist?



10. Are parking facilities adequate?



11. Is there the possibility of future expansion?



12. Does the building meet fire, licensing and zoning codes for the type of business being operated from it?



If you plan to purchase, rather than lease, the land or buildings, provide the following additional information:

1. What is the purchase price?$$


2. Was an appraisal done? Yes? No?

If yes, attach to the business plan.

If not, how was the purchase price established?



If you plan to construct or renovate a building, or make leasehold improvements, provide the following additional information:

1. Describe the type of construction work:



2. What is the total cost of construction?

3. What is the name of the contractor?

4. Provide a copy of the estimate or quotation.

If you plan to lease the land or building, provide the following information:

1. When does the lease expire?

2. Are there any renewal options? Yes? No?

If so, provide details:



Annual rent
3. Amount of the annual rent ?$


4. If the lease triple net? Triple net means you are responsible for costs such as taxes, insurance, and utilities? Yes? No?

5. Are there any common area costs? Yes? No?

If so: What is the estimated amount per year? $

What does if cover?



6. Has the lease or intent to lease been signed? Yes? No?

If yes, provide a copy of the signed lease to the business plan.

If not, how have you made sure the land or buildings will be available under the terms and conditions you envision?


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