Part 1: Developing a Business Plan – Business History and Organization

Business History and Organization

1. What form of business is it? Write or type what type of business it will be.

• Sole Proprietorship

• Partnership

• Corporation

• Joint Venture

2. Who owns the business? Give the names of the owners of the business, their percentage ownership, their title or position and how long they have held the position.

Percentage Ownership
Title / Position
Years in Position

The Project

Describe the project. Provide a brief outline of the key features of the project.

1. If the project involves the expansion or change of ownership of an existing business, give the history of the existing business. If you have financial statements, find them and keep them handy (funding/lending institusions and investors will want to see them).


Incorporation Date:

Start Date:

2. Describe your propsed business project and list your services.


3. What key factors will make your business a success? Examples: customer service, quality.


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