Part 2: Preparing A Financial Plan – Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Cash receipts   
Cash sales   
Accounts receivable   
Loan proceeds   
Other cash receipts   
Sale of assets   
Other contributions (SBA)   
Cash equity   
(A) Total cash receipts   
Cash disbursements   
Accounts payable   
Purchase of materials or stock   
Purchase of fixed assets   
Bad debts   
Advertising and promotion   
Automobile and travel expense   
Business tax, fees, licenses, etc.   
Professional fees   
Property tax   
Management salaries   
Other salaries and wages   
Employee benefits   
Bank charges and interest   
Payment on loans, mortgages   
Maintenance and repairs   
Office expenses and postage   
All other operating expenses   
Income tax payments   
(B) Total cash paid out   
Cash surplus or (deficit) (A – B)   
Opening cash balance (C)   
Closing cash balance (D)   

Note: Line “C” is a carry forward from line “D” in the previous year. I’ve also attached a blank 12 month cash flow here. Here’s an example 12 month cash flow statement.

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