Part 2: Preparing A Financial Plan – Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents

In addition to the business plan, provide whatever supporting documents that your loans or economic development officer requires. You may some of these or more, it will depend on whats required.

Note: Provide copies of the documents; keep the originals in your records.

Copy of the parternership agreement  
Copy of the shareholder’s agreement  
Copy of the joint venture agreement  
Copy of the articles or certifical of incorporation  
Resumes of key employees  
Copy of management contract  
Detailed list of existing & proposed equipment  
Evidence the building meets codes  
Copy of the land lease  
Copy of the appraisal for land, building & equipment  
Copy of the accepted offer to purchase  
Firm price contracts & quotes for equipment & bulding  
Firm price contracts & quotes for leasehold improvements  
Firm price contracts & quotes for building renovations  
Copy of opinion of value for business acquisition  
Copy of estimate of value for the business acquisition  
Evidence your cash contribution is available  
Personal net worth statements of owner and shareholders  
Evidence that other sources of financing have been approved  
Copy of the franchise agreement  
Vendor’s financial statements for the last 3 years  
Copy of maps of the area  
Copy of a diagram of the floor space  
Structure of the business and surrounding businesses  
Insurance quote  

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