Sample Cost and Financing Sheet for ACT Technical Services

Projected Costs


Capital & Operating$Capital & OperatingAmount%
Brochure Design$6,500Cash equity$7,41510%
Brochures Printing$5,000ADPC funding$44,49060%
Website Design$3,450Commercial financing$22,24530%
CD & DVD Design$2,700   
CD & DVD Burner$1,000   
Client Training Materials$11,600   
Computer Software & Printer$7,000   
Data Projector$5,000   
Digital Camera$1,900   
Digital Camcorder$6,000   
Office Equipment$2,000   
Working Capital$17,000   
Sub total$74,150Sub total$74,150100%
Business support
Business support
Accounting & Management Support$7,500Cash from operations$10,62525%
USA Minority Status$15,000ADPC funding$31,87575%
Legal Fees$20,000   
Sub total$42,500Sub total$42,500100%
Total project costs
Total project financing
Capital, marketing & operating$74,150Cash equity$11,6658.9%
Business support$42,500Commercial financing$28,62031.2%
  ADPC funding$76,36556.6%
Grand Total$116,650Grand Total$116,650100%

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